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Flowering San Diego Weed Clones.
 Lights.  Weed clones in San Diego will be induced to flower with dark cycles of 11-13 hours that simulate the season fall. As a consequence, it works out well indoors to have two separate areas; one that is used for the initial vegetative state and one that is used for flowering.

There is no other requirement other than to keep the dark cycle for flowering very dark with no light interruptions, as this can stall flowering by day or even weeks.

Once your San Diego weed clones are big enough to mature, typically +12", dark periods are required for most cannabis plants to flower. This will require putting the lamp on a timer to create regular and strict dark periods of uninterrupted light.

 Timing.  We have found that 13 hour light and 11 hour dark cycles tend to increase flower size, while still allowing the cannabis plant to stay in flowering. Use longer dark periods to speed maturity toward the end of the flowering cycle if speed is of the essence; however, this will reduce total yield.

 Grow Rooms.  A light tight curtain can be made from black vinyl, or any other opaque material, with a reflective material on the other side to reflect light back to the your San Diego weed clones. The curtain can be tied with cord and velcroed down in place to make sure no light leaks in your grow room.

 Nutrients.  Give flowering San Diego weed clones high Potassium (P) plant food and keep them on a strict light regimen of 12 hours with no light. Trace elements are necessary for great results; so try to find plant food that include micro-nutrients. Home improvement centers, such as Home Depot, sell trace element solutions rich in iron for lawn deficiencies and these can be adapted for use in cultivating the herb.

Prices for mass produced fertilizers are significantly cheaper than the specialized hydroponic fertilizers sold in indoor gardening shops and seem to work just fine for most beginning growers starting with San Diego weed clones.

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